Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Study - The Lacemaker by Johannes Vermeer

The Lacemaker is a painting by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675), completed around 1669–1670 and held in the Louvre, Paris. The work shows a young woman dressed in a yellow shawl, holding up a pair of bobbins in her left hand as she carefully places a pin in the pillow on which she is making her bobbin lace. At 24.5 cm x 21 cm (9.6 in x 8.3 in), the work is the smallest of Vermeer's paintings,[1] but in many ways one of his most abstract and unusual.

I have to do 8 master sketches for art school and this is one of the ones I picked.  I thought it would be a great idea to combine my school work and the Painting from the Masters blog!  The only restriction for my master sketches is the painting needs to have been done before 1900.  Vermeer is one of my favorite painters and I think this one is beautiful.  The sketch just needs to capture the colors/values, no need to put all the details, I hope some of you will join me in completing it! 

The Lacemaker after Johannes Vermeer by Renate
 Watercolor 24x30cm
The Lacemaker by Karen Mihm after Johannes Vermeer

Oil on 9x3 Canvas Paper


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  2. Oops...not sure what happened to the comment... Thank you Judy for your comment, this one and many of Vermeer's paintings have been used as studies, I guess he was just that wonderful! I don't think you could ever copy his too many times, I know I've probably done Girl with a Pearl Earring 3 times! I hope you will join us this month, if not, maybe next time.

  3. Hello Karen:) I love your version of the Lacemaker. The soft colors make this a beautiful painting!